The Perfect Controller

HomeConnect® BS4 is the ultimate IOT controller to to access your home appliances from any corner of the world using your smartphone. The BS4 can control almost any brand of IR operated devices like TV, Air-conditioners, DVD Players, Set-top boxes, Music Systems, Home theaters and many other appliances.

Easy Configuration

5 minutes installation. No need of any qualified technician. You can assemble your own BS4

Retrofit Installation

No wiring needed.

Create Moods and Scenes

Switch on the ‘Party’ scene when you have friends over. Your Bs4 will play your favorite song and puts the AC at the optimal level.



Create profiles and make your devices to work at a preconfigured time.

Welcome Home

Preset your devices to welcome you home at 6 in the evening, everyday.

Auto Away

Your BS4 will switch off your devices when you leave home.

bigsenseHomeConnect BS4 – Wifi/IR Repeater